Fat or Fiction? Dispelling Myths

Facts of fats

‘Fat’ is one of the most important ingredients in a healthy and balanced diet. But there are many notions associated with this ‘fat’ component. When it was established that fat is good for health, it took much time to accept the fact heartily. Actually there are two kinds of fats – the good ones and the bad ones. It is important that the good ones are consumed and the bad ones avoided.

Facts of Fats

Some myths associated with fats

  • Reaction of the body is same for all kinds of fats – All dietary fats do not have the same kind of effects on the body. Coconut oil is the best evidence in this regard. It is a kind of saturated fat, which is not stored in the body as fat, but changed into pure energy that the body can use. This oil is great for diabetic patients as it does not spike the blood sugar levels in the body.
  • Fats lead to heart diseases – We had known for long that saturated fat should be avoided after a particular age as it caused heart disease. But in 2010, this myth was broken when tests were carried out on many individuals. It was confirmed that there was absolutely no connection between consumption of saturated fat and risk of heart ailments.
  • Great health can be achieved by consumption of abundant Omega6 rich fats – The content of Omega6 is higher in processed vegetable and seed oils that are generally used in cooking. With great consumption of these oils, the balance of Omega3 and Omega6 fats is getting disturbed. The result is that some positive effects of Omega3 fats are becoming redundant.

Some facts of fats

  • The body needs healthy fats for proper functioning – A healthy and balanced diet should definitely contain right quantities of fats. Good fats carry out various essential functions in the body like regulating hormone function, helping in growth and repair of tissues and helping in absorbing vital nutrients in the body. Essential fatty acids cannot be manufactured by the body, so they have to be taken from outside. Walnuts and flaxseeds are good sources of healthy fats and should be taken on regular basis.
  • Avoid trans-fats as they are bad fats – Trans fats should be avoided at all costs as they lead to incessant weight gain. This kind of fat is available in small amounts in some dairy and meat products. But they are mostly found in abundance in margarine, baked goods, fried food and various kinds of snacks.

Now that you have clear idea on the concept of fats, you can decide how much and what fat to take.

Exercises Can Protect Brain Against Ageing

Exercises can protect the brain against aging

We all know that exercising helps in keeping a fit and healthy body. But did we know that exercise has positive effects on the brain as well? Exercises can protect the brain against aging and this has been recently established in a research.

Researchers from Johns Hopkins University carried out some tests on mice and found that exercises helped in boosting the levels of an enzyme, known as SIRT3. This enzyme provides protection against stressors, which lead to energy loss in brain cells. If the energy loss in brain cells can be stopped, then aging of brain can be restricted as well.

The research program is led by Mark Mattson from the National Institute on Aging and Johns Hopkins’ School of Medicine. A new animal model was used by the researchers for investigating whether neurons could be aided for resistance of energy-depleting stress. And the findings were remarkable. It was seen that mice that did not produce SIRT3 became sensitive to stress greatly when they were exposed to neurotoxins. Usually, neurotoxins cause epileptic seizures and neuro-degeneration.

Anti ageing exercises

On the other hand, mice that produced SIRT3 showed great results when they were exposed to some kind of exercise. The mice were put on a running wheel and it was seen that the levels of enzyme increased considerably with the exercise. Mark Mattson noted that the running wheel exercise led to the increase of level of SIRT3 in neurons in normal mice. And this provided protection against degeneration. In mice where the enzyme is not present, exercising failed to provide any kind of protection to the neurons.

The gene therapy technology can be used for increasing the levels of SIRT3 in neurons. This will protect the neurons from stress of any kind.

Natural aging leads to development of various kinds of neuro-disorders. For instance, Alzheimer’s is a neuro-degenerative disease that has become quite common in all parts of the world. Usually in these diseases, the brain cells cease producing substantial energy. As a result, the brain functionality reduces considerably.

With the findings from the research various kinds of therapies can be developed for restricting age-related cognitive decline.


Remove Sun Tan Naturally With The 5 Home Remedies

Sun tanning is a common problem that women face. This is particularly applicable for women who have to work outdoors under the sun for long stretches of time. While in the western countries, women use tanning lotions to get a tanned look, tanning is not much preferred in the eastern countries. Tanning is caused due to increased levels of melanin in the body for which the sun’s ultraviolet rays are responsible.

Instead of investing in expensive cosmetic products for tan removal, try these simple home remedies for getting rid of sun tan.

  1. Cucumber – Sun tan can be reduced greatly with cucumber juice. The fruit also helps in keeping the skin moisturized and cool. Rubbing freshly cut cucumber slices on the tanned area is very good. Other than this, you can mix 1 tablespoon of lime juice to 2 tablespoons of fresh cucumber juice along with a pinch of turmeric. Mix them well and apply the same on affected areas. Keep for half an hour and wash off with normal water.
  1. Aloe Vera – Applying aloe vera gel helps in skin lightening within a short span of time. Try applying fresh aloe gel daily on affected skin area before sleeping at night. Wash the skin thoroughly with plain water in the morning.
  1. Lemon Juice – Lemon is well known for removing sun tan as it has strong bleaching properties. Fresh lemon juice can be directly applied to the sun tanned area and left to dry. Once it dries, it can be washed off with water. Sometimes a pinch of sugar can also be added to the lemon juice. Sugar has great cleansing properties. Try this 2-3 times a week for quick results.
  1. Gram flour (besan) – Gram flour works excellently on sun tanned area along with removing dead skin cells making the skin glowing and bright. Mix gram flour to water and make a paste. Apply the same all over the tanned area. Leave it like that for 20 minutes and wash off with water. For best results use rose water instead of plain water for making the paste. A pinch of turmeric can also be added to the paste.
  1. Milk cream or plain milk – Take little milk in a bowl and add lemon juice and a pinch of turmeric in the same. The solution has to be applied on the tanned areas and allowed to be dried completely. Wash off with plain water for instant effects from sun tan.

5 Ways To Maintain A Healthy Throat

A Healthy Throat

The throat is one of the most sensitive organs in the human body. Comprising of nerves, glands, tissues and blood vessels, the throat needs special care and attention to stay healthy and in good condition. Overusing the throat components might lead to various kinds of problems and might lead to permanent damage of the same as well.

Here are 5 simple yet highly effective ways of maintaining a healthy throat:

  • Cleaning of toothbrush – The toothbrush is a potent source of infection for the mouth and throat. Sadly most of us do not know about this. It is recommended to soak the toothbrush in a glass of hot saline water every morning before you brush your teeth. This is the best way of disinfecting your toothbrush keeping your mouth and throat safe.
  • Provide protection to the throat from cold temperatures – The human throat and neck are areas from where great amount of heat loss takes place. It is recommended to wrap a scarf around the neck so that the throat-neck area remains warm and comfortable. Changes in temperatures like going in and out of an air-conditioned room can cause instant throat infections. Such situations should be avoided in all respects.
  • Gurgling with salt – Add a pinch of salt into a glass of warm water and gurgle your throat with the same. Try practicing this habit every night before you go to bed. Follow this method in the flu season so that the mouth and throat remains disinfected. Infact salt water gurgle is a great remedy for dealing with a sore throat.
  • Refrain from sharing eating utensils – Sharing the glass, cup or even plate is no way of showing love. Infact one should strictly refrain from sharing any kind of utensils as these are potent sources of mouth and throat infections. There are high chances of cross-contamination.
  • Ginger and honey for throat – The combination of honey and ginger juice can act wonders for your throat. After brushing your teeth in the morning, take approximately 4-5ml of fresh ginger juice and mix the same with 5ml of honey. Drink this and it has extremely smoothening effects on the throat. Some people also use a pinch of turmeric and little salt in the mixture.

People related to professions that involve lots of talking should definitely follow these simple things to keep their throat in good condition. Infact professional singers and vocalists try many of the mentioned tips for taking care of their throat.

5 Home Remedies For Kids With Dandruff

Home Remedies For Kids Dandruff

Many parents might not take notice of the fact that their kids suffer from the problem of dandruff. They might have itchy scalp or white flaky substances might be visible on their dresses. Do not raise an alarm if you find that your kid has dandruff. There are some highly effective home solutions that can help in getting rid of dandruff from your child’s scalp in no time at all.

  1. Medicated dandruff shampoos for kids are readily available in the market. To increase the effectiveness of the shampoo, take two uncoated aspirin tablets and crush them in a mortar and pestle. Add the powdered aspirin to the medicated dandruff shampoo that your child uses and see the immediate results that are obtained.
  1. Another way to deal with dandruff for your kid is by applying regular shampoo followed by scalp rinse. There are 2 scalp rinse alternatives that can be tried. In one, add 2 tablespoons of alcohol based mouthwash or lemon juice in one cup of water. In the second alternative, mix 2 cups of apple cider vinegar in 2 cups of water. Both these varieties are scalp rinses. After shampooing the hair and washing the same with plain water, use any of the one scalp rinse for getting rid of dandruff. In case your child’s scalp is dry, try using an oil-free conditioner.
  1. Take 1 ounce of carrier oil like olive oil, jojoba oil or almond oil and add 12 drops of tea tree oil in the same. Mix both the oils well. Now apply this mixed oil to the child’s scalp. Keep it like that for about 30 minutes. After that apply shampoo.
  1. Instead of using anti-dandruff shampoo for your kid, why not try something that is more effective in eliminating dandruff from his/her scalp. Try using baking soda in lieu of shampoo. Take a handful of baking soda and add water so that it becomes like a paste. Apply the paste to the child’s scalp by massaging it softly. Leave it like that while showering. At the end of the shower, just rinse off the baking powder paste.
  1. Create a natural hair mask for your kid. For this you will need half mashed banana, plain Greek yogurt about 1 tablespoon and 4 tablespoons of any kind of carrier oil. Mix all the ingredients together to form a mask. This mask should be massaged to the scalp for about 5 minutes. Let it stay for about 15 minutes and then shampoo.

With no harmful side effects, you can deal with your kid’s dandruff in an effective manner.