Basic Workout Regime For Beginners

If you are a beginner then there is something you must know before starting your fitness regimen. Do not run after following the schedule of a pro as your body is not ready for the same. Being a beginner, you should follow a set diet plan, know what exercises to perform and for how long and when to give your body rest. Here is presented a brief guide to let you know how to plan your workout regimen.
Set Your Goals
To start with any work you need to set a goal and same goes with workout regimen. Be sure what you want like do you want to lose weight, want to prepare yourself for a marathon or want to get a muscular body.
Get Ready
The next important step for any workout regimen is to evaluate how fit your body is for a particular physical activity. Whenever you start with physical exercise, hire a trainer who can assist you with picking up right exercise for you.
Start Slow
You do not need to rush like a train in the beginning. Many beginners make this mistake of starting aggressively, just to give up at the end of the day. Keep the pace slow at the start and gain speed with the flow of time.
Train 3 days a week
Perform two sets of workouts on alternate days, giving rest to your body.

Workout Regime For Beginners

How to Start
Always start with a warm-up. This prepares your body to go through the stress of exercise. The body can be warmed up by doing light intensity cardiovascular acts like walking or cycling. This acts increases blood flow and heats up your muscles and joints.
Exercises to Include
Make two sets ‘A’ and ‘B’ and perform them on alternate days. Pick up the exercises that suit your goal. You can include squats, bench press, rows, abs, push-ups or weight training in your exercise regimen and split them in sets as required.

This means number of times an exercise is to be performed during a set. For example, a weight lifter may perform 10 biceps curls at a time, take rest for a few moments and then continue with another set of 10 more biceps curls.
How to End
When you are done with doing strenuous workout, allow your body to cool down and get back to a normal heart beat. Either include a less-intense exercise or do stretching to relax your body.

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