5 Natural Endometriosis Remedies

Natural Endometriosis Remedies

Endometriosis is a painful disorder in which the tissue that lines the interior of the uterus grows outside the uterus. Ovaries, tissue lining the pelvis and bowel are hampered in the ailment. The exact cause of endometriosis cannot be found out. However, there are many natural remedies of the problem, which can help in reducing the pain and improve the overall condition of the patient.

Foods which are great for endometriosis

  • Hemp seeds, Chia seeds and Flax – All these organic seeds help in improving estrogen levels in the female body. It is recommended to consume 3 tablespoons of these seeds daily.
  • Avocados – Avocados are rich source of magnesium, fiber, healthy fats and potassium. All these components play pivotal role in reducing inflammation and supports hormone balance in the body as well.
  • Organic food items – Refrain from processed foods and foods in which pesticides have been used while growing. Pesticides have reverse effects on the body affecting various kinds of hormones including estrogen. So choose foods that are completely natural and organic and that are safe from pesticides and insecticides.
  • Cruciferous vegetables – These vegetables help in increasing indole-3-carbinol, which in turn helps in supporting detoxification of the liver.
  • Wild caught fish – Wild caught fish have high contents of EPA/DHA. These help in reducing pain and inflammation considerably providing slight relief from the acute condition.

Natural remedies for endometriosis

  • B-Complex – daily dose of 50mg helps in maintaining hormone balance in the body and keeps estrogen levels in check
  • Vitex – Twice a day 400mg dose of chasteberry for balancing estrogen /progesterone ratios
  • Milk Thistle – 150mg two times daily for liver detoxification. Healthy liver helps in balancing hormones naturally
  • Fish oil – 1000mg daily for balancing hormones and reducing inflammation
  • Progesterone cream – ¼ tsp from 6th-26th day of cycle, to be stopped after 3rd month pregnancy. Increases progesterone as low levels of progesterone often causes endometriosis.

Essential oils for dealing with endometriosis

The symptoms of endometriosis can be reduced significantly with the application of various kinds of essential oils including clary sage essential oil. This oil plays a significant role in balancing hormones in the body. Apply 2-3 drops of this oil topically on the abdomen and put a warm compress on the area for best results. Other oils that can be taken internally include sandalwood oil and frankincense oil. Taking 3 drops of these oils will help in reducing inflammation and also supports the healing process.

Ayurvedic remedies for hair loss

remedies for hair loss

Hair loss problems are highly worrying. Instead of settling for expensive cosmetic treatments for dealing with hair loss, try some excellent Ayurvedic treatments for combating the problem. Moreover, the Ayurvedic treatments ensure that the problem is cured right from the roots so that they do not reappear.

Here are some Ayurvedic treatments that can be used for curing hair loss problems:

  • Hot oil massage – For giving the scalp great hot oil massage, you can choose any oil – almond oil, coconut oil or brahmi oil. The massage helps in bettering the blood circulation in the scalp and rejuvenates the hair follicles. If there is problem of dandruff along with hair loss, add freshly squeezed lemon juice (2tbsp) to half a cup of oil and heat the same. Apply it on the scalp. This not only prevents hair loss but also makes hair grow thicker, longer and better.
  • Ashwagandha – Ayurveda says that the main reason of hair loss is ‘pitta dosh’. Ashwagandha is an herb that has high contents of anti-oxidants and is believed to provide relief from pitta dosh. Taking 6 mg capsule of ashwagandha is enough in a day. It detoxifies the entire system removing all toxins and harmful components from the body.
  • Ayurvedic head massage – Known as ‘champi’ in local terms and abhyanga in Sanskrit, it is nothing but an Ayurvedic head massage. The main purpose of this massage is to improve the blood circulation in the scalp and also at the hair roots. This makes the hair root stronger reducing hair fall. It also promotes growth of new hair. For applying the oil, use circular motion with your fingers and ensure that the whole scalp gets the nourishment.
  • Jatamansi – This aromatic herb is known by many names – it is called Indian Spikenard as well as Muskroot. The herb plays a pivotal role in removing impurities from the blood. For promoting proper hair growth, it is recommended to apply the herb directly on the scalp. Capsules can also be consumed. Make sure that the dosage is not more than 6mg.
  • Bhringaraj – Regarded as the king of all herbs, bhringaraj has been long used for dealing with hair loss problems. Infact bhringaraj oil could be seen in almost all households in the past. This herb is not that readily available in the market. If you get hold of some, make a paste with some leaves and apply the same on the hair. Also put the paste on the scalp and see that it is well covered. After few minutes, wash it off with cold water. Repeat this process frequently for best results.

Natural Homely Ways For Getting Rid Of Bad Breath

Getting Rid Of Bad Breath

Bad breath can be a big turn off. It can make you feel embarrassed and can lead to lower confidence levels. There are many reasons that contribute to causing bad breathe – some prominent ones being gum diseases, smoking, dry mouth, medical conditions, poor oral health, some kinds of foods etc.

Cleaning your mouth properly and drinking adequate water can help in keeping bad breath at bay. However, if the problem still persists, you can try these home remedies for getting rid of foul breath easily:

  • Cloves – Cloves have great antibacterial properties and have been used in treating tooth ache since historic times. They also help in freshening up your breathe considerably thus helping you do away with bad breath.
  • You can put few pieces of cloves in your mouth and chew them. The juices that come from the spice give you fresh breath.
  • Clove tea is also a way of dealing with the problem of bad breath. In a cup of boiling water, put approximately 1tsp of ground cloves and let it simmer for few minutes. This mixture can be drunk or used as a mouthwash.
  • Fennel – Fennel is used as a mouth freshener in many places. Due to its antimicrobial properties, fennel helps in getting rid of harmful bacteria and microbes from the mouth.
  • Take a tablespoon of fennel and chew it slowly and you can feel the production of saliva in the mouth. This will freshen up your breathe.
  • Make fennel tea and drink this 2-3 times a day. Take a cup of hot water and put 1-2 teaspoons of fennel seeds in it and let it soak for 5-10 minutes.
  • Lemon Juice – People have been using lemon rinse since prehistoric times for dealing with bad breath issues. Lemon is rich in citric acid and this helps in inhibiting bacterial growth in mouth. Also lemon has a pleasant odor, which helps in keeping the bad odor away.
  • Make fresh lemon juice. In a cup of water, add one tablespoon of lemon juice and start rinsing your mouth with the same. Adding a little salt can also help. It helps in fighting the problem of dry mouth, which is a primary cause of bad breath.

Along with using these homely remedies for dealing with bad breath, follow a hygienic oral health care routine is also important. Inspite of all this, if bad breath persists, seek help from a medical professional for locating the exact cause of the problem.

Winter Hair Care – Best Homemade Hair Masks

Winter Hair Care

Winters are here. Though it is time for picnics, holidays and loads of fun, it is also the time when your skin and hair need extra special care. Without proper care, your hair can become dry, rough and frizzy. Thus it is essential that the moisture in the hair is maintained. And for this proper nutrition is required for hair.
Applying hair masks made from natural ingredients can be really effective in keeping hair shiny and healthy even in winters. Check out these great hair masks for winter hair care:
Honey egg mask
Looking to get your hair hydrated? Honey is a great ingredient that can help in attracting the moisture that is locked inside. Take a cup of honey and add egg yolk to the same. Create a mixture by mixing both the ingredients well until it becomes like a smooth paste. Massage the hair right from the roots for about 30 minutes. Leave it for some time for the honey to unlock the moisture. Rinse it off with a regular shampoo.
Olive oil hair mask
Olive oil is extensively used by ladies for dealing with various kinds of hair problems. Olive oil hair mask can help in eliminate the problem of dullness and dryness from hair as olive oil has great moisturizing properties. For making the mask, you will need to heat olive oil for 2-3 minutes. Try and mix some lavender oil in it for better results. Apply the mask from the scalp so that the tip of hair gets due moisturization. Best results can be obtained if the mask is left overnight and washed off the next day.

Winter Hair Care
Lemon juice, ginger, olive oil hair mask
Dandruff is a common problem in the winter months. Dry scalp often leads to dandruff. Ginger is a great ingredient for dealing with the problem of dandruff. Grate or crush a piece of ginger and squeeze out as much juice as possible. To this juice, add 1 tablespoon olive oil and 2 tablespoon lemon juice and mix well. The mask should be applied on the scalp and washed away after 45-60 minutes.
Mayonnaise, avocado hair pack and conditioner
Nourishment for your hair is really important so that it remains healthy and shiny. And for that applying this hair pack can work wonders. For making this hair mask, you will need 2 eggs, 4 tablespoon of mayonnaise and half avocado. Use a separator and mix all the ingredients well. Make a smooth and thick paste. The mask needs to be applied from the root to the hair tip. Put a shower cap on the hair after applying the mask and take a hot turban therapy. Keep it like this for 25 minutes. Wash it away with mild shampoo.

Can Weight Gain Be Caused Due To Eating Fruits –Find Out!

Fruits and weight gain

Fitness enthusiasts are very particular about every small thing that they eat. And fruits take a large part of the diet for people who want to remain fit and healthy. But confusion has arisen that does consuming fruits lead to weight gain? Well, there are certain things that you must know and consider while eating fruits to understand whether they lead to weight gain and fat formation in the body.
High nutrition factor, low calories
Majority of fruits are high in vitamins and minerals as well as fiber content; but low on fat and calories. Fruits are also a rich source of antioxidants and provide natural energy for normal body functions. Dieticians and doctors recommend 5 food servings in a day.
It is not that fruits do not contain sugar; it is called fructose. Fructose gets converted into glycogen and sucrose in the body. Though the sweetness component in sucrose is higher than processed sugar, the rate of absorption is slow in the body.
Fruits and weight gain – the calorie count
There are some fruits that are high on calorie count. For instance, a banana of medium size has 105 calories, while a cup of strawberries has 46 calories. Apart from calories, these fruits have other benefits as well. So if you want to keep the other benefits and do away with the calories, exercise.
Along with calorie count, the sugar content is also an important factor in fruits. Patients suffering from diabetes and other medical conditions should monitor their fruit consumption to avoid intake of high sugar content in the form of fructose.
It has been seen that many obese people consume unlimited amount of fruit and that leads to weight gain. The metabolic rate in obese people is not good and hence chances of calorie deposition are higher. Calories from the fruits do not burn and get deposited in the body leading to more weight gain.
Right choice of fruits
Choose fruits that are high on water content as they are low on calories but high on vitamins and minerals. Some of these fruits include orange, watermelon, grapes, cantaloupe etc. dark colored fruits aid weight loss for they contain high amounts of antioxidants in their dark, thick skin.
Say no to fruit juice and yes to fresh fruits
Fruit juice actually adds to more calories in the body as they do not contain any fiber content, but sugar. Fruit juices should be avoided. Instead eat fresh fruits as whole for lesser calories and more good benefits.
The most important thing: Eat fruits in moderation for reaping the benefits and stay away from the worries of weight gain!

Turmeric Helps In Treating Depression – Study Reveals

how to treat depression at home

Take a look around and you will find innumerable people suffering from depression for various reasons. Depression is a psychological condition, which if not detected and treated at the right time can cause serious issues. People suffering from this ailment show clear symptoms and once that is noticed, immediate treatment is recommended. Higher levels of depression might lead to harmful addictions and suicidal tendencies. Majority of depression sufferers depend on various kinds of medications, which lead to harmful side effects.

how to treat depression at home

Study revealing how turmeric can help overcoming depression
The study that was carried out to understand if turmeric could cure depression was conducted at the Department of Pharmacology, Gujarat in India. The main subject of the study was comparing the effects of Prozac (a popular anti-depressant) and curcumin (the main component in turmeric) and understanding their effects on depression.

A test was carried out on 60 people suffering from Major Depressive Disorder (MDD). 20 people were treated with curcumin capsules of 500mg twice a day, while other 20 took Prozac tablets of 20mg as per routine and the last lot of 20 people took both these together.
The results that came from the test were amazing. It was found that curcumin had almost the same results as that of Prozac tablets in treating patients with MDD. Also, curcumin capsules had no side effects in patients as turmeric is completely natural. Prozac tablets have shown indications of suicidal ideation and many other kinds of psychotic disorders.
There is no doubt that this is one of the greatest revelations in medical science. We all knew that turmeric is good for skin, hair and overall health. But the amazing results that it shows in treating depression is simply great!

Treating depression the natural way sans side effects
Depression, though it is a psychological problem, becomes extremely taxing for the body if not treated at the right time, in the right manner. And the use of turmeric in dealing with depression has proved to be safe for the body. Curcumin of turmeric reach to the root of the problem of depression and cure it from there so that there are no chances of its revival. As a result, the patient gets cured completely without any side effects. Along with curing depression, curcumin also provides neuroprotection and immune support and contains anti-inflammatory properties.

Pharmaceutical drugs that are used in the treatment of depression just mask the signs and symptoms of depression without eliminating the problem from the roots. Moreover, the patient becomes dependent on these drugs for lifetime.

Ring a bell- Bell’s Palsy

Bell’s Palsy?

How many times have you gone for some movie and noticed that the actors are not portraying any expressions? At least the expressions that are needed. Memes about Kristina Stuart must be quite famous for that. Theatre and acting is all about expression, your face expresses what you feel, now imagine that ability being taken away from you. That is, you lose control over the movement of your facial muscle, this is commonly known as Bell’s Palsy, here’s are some basic information about Bell’s Palsy.

Bell’s Palsy?What is Bell’s Palsy?
Just as Stephen Hawkings suffered from Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, the paralysis of the entire body, likewise Bell’s Palsy is the paralysis of the facial muscles. Bell’s Palsy is generally caused due to the malfunction of an important facial nerve called the cranial nerve VII, which results in the complete loss of facial movement. Bell’s palsy is defined as a one-sided facial nerve paralysis of unknown cause.
Cause of Bell’s Palsy.
There are many predicted causes of the paralysis, some of the most common are viruses, such as the varicella-zoster virus[8] and Epstein-Barr viruses which belong to the herpes family. Also the studies have shown that Bell’s Palsy is three times more common in pregnant women than non-pregnant women.
Signs and Symptoms:
Wouldn’t the signs for Bell’s Palsy be quite obvious? You find it almost impossible to blink, or to smile and could affect an individual to various levels. If the individual is unable to close his/her eye, then the probability of the cornea drying up increases, which leads to a permanent damage in vision. There are also other important symptoms by which you can recognize if you are suffering from Bell’s Palsy. Such as, difficulty in speech, drooping eyes, loss in taste etc.
There are various treatments for Bell’s Palsy
Corticosteroid such as prednisone have shown significant effect in treating Bell’s Palsy over a span of 6 months or less.
Physiotherapy has shown promising outcomes, there are many physiotherapy exercises that can be done at home to help cure the problem.
Alternative Medicines:
Some other methods that are recommended are acupuncture, which can help in treat the paralytic problem.
So be aware, and be educated enough to help yourself or those around you who might undergo the symptoms without knowing what they mean. Precaution is better than cure.

Did you hear? The Rumors Of Health

The rumors of health

Rumors are the one thing that human beings must constantly try to avoid, it creates misunderstanding between people and unnecessary panic in some cases. Rumors are just people’s way of sounding smart, to seem like they know things just like crowd around them. Especially food related rumors, don’t believe everything you hear, here are a few health rumors that we are going to discredit.

The rumors of health
Gums are tough guns to digest:
People believe that gums, when swallowed cannot be digested and it takes 7 years for your stomach to process gum. Which is obviously a myth created by some parent, which stuck on, gum even though it can’t be digested, is removed from the body like any other substance in the body that isn’t digested.
Gray hair paradox:
People believe that plucking one gray hair would lead to an increase in their numbers. It’s not like the gray hair takes offense at being plucked and strikes back with more grayness, it’s purely genetic. When you pluck out a gray hair, by the time that hair grows back to its original length, another part of your head shows gray hair growth because that’s how your genes are programmed, not because they are taking revenge for plucking out their gray friend.
Cats make baby breathless:
This is the most horrendous rumor amongst parents and it’s not truth, the myth ages back to the older days when cats were considered to be evil spirits, that is how it got developed and it was never meant to be taken literally. Cats, in no way take the air out of your baby’s mouth by sealing the infant’s mouth with its own.
Go outside to play catch, you might catch a cold:
Another rumor is that, if you stay out for too long you might catch a cold, especially with wet hair, which I extremely ridiculous. Cold is caused by viruses, that is what it stands for, it is not caused by standing outside, in fact, it is more often cause by staying inside for too long, especially in winter, when everyone is home, there is more probability of the bacteria being transited.
The 5- second rule:
There is no time limit to how long food can wait on the floor without being infected. The germs around the food don’t go like, “Wait, it’s not 5 seconds, we can’t attack yet”. The moment the food touches the ground, bacteria’s do infect it and it eventually does go into your belly.
So these are some of The Rumors Of Health that, can you check off of your list. Gladly.

Can I get you a beer?

a one glass beer

Beer is generally known to be a man’s drink. Not being sexist, but many women don’t prefer beer, to them it’s very bitter, and Vodka is considered as the drink for women. But what women and many people don’t know is that the beer has many benefits that other drinks don’t offer. Am sure, the men who drink beer on a daily basis don’t know the same, so here we are to educate you on some of the benefits of beer.

a one glass beer
The production of beer is called brewing. It involves the fermentation of starches, mainly derived from cereal grains, most commonly maltedbarley, although maize (corn), rice, and wheat are widely used.
Bone health:
The American Journal of Clinical health conducted a study which showed that the people who consume at least one or two beers a day have higher bone density than people who had less. The studies have shown that this is because of the high silicon content in the beer, which is most likely to increase the bone density in the body as silicon stimulates the bone-building cells.
A key to the healthy heart:
As the title reads, beer could also hold the secret to a healthy heart to some extent. Studies have shown that consuming beer helps increase the concentration of the desired HDL cholesterol in the body which prevents heart diseases. Also a study was done by an Israelite researcher that beer helps reduce fibrinogen, a protein that helps promote blood clotting, which in turn can lead to stroke or a heart attack.
Sustains brain function:
Even though studies have shown that excessive consumption of alcohol can lead to a decay in the brain function, but if the consumption is kept within moderate limits then the brain functioning is sustained. Beer also protects the blood vessels in the brain.
Better kidneys:
Have you heard anyone having wanted to go to the restroom after having a beer? That’s the benefit of beer, the high water content in the beer makes it a good agent against kidney stones and other kidney problems which are caused due to dehydration. Studies have shown that people who drink beer on a regular basis have 40 % less chance of suffering from any kidney diseases.
So grab a beer, and look at the positive side of having beer regularly. Enjoy one with your friends right now.

Fat or Fiction? Dispelling Myths

Facts of fats

‘Fat’ is one of the most important ingredients in a healthy and balanced diet. But there are many notions associated with this ‘fat’ component. When it was established that fat is good for health, it took much time to accept the fact heartily. Actually there are two kinds of fats – the good ones and the bad ones. It is important that the good ones are consumed and the bad ones avoided.

Facts of Fats

Some myths associated with fats

  • Reaction of the body is same for all kinds of fats – All dietary fats do not have the same kind of effects on the body. Coconut oil is the best evidence in this regard. It is a kind of saturated fat, which is not stored in the body as fat, but changed into pure energy that the body can use. This oil is great for diabetic patients as it does not spike the blood sugar levels in the body.
  • Fats lead to heart diseases – We had known for long that saturated fat should be avoided after a particular age as it caused heart disease. But in 2010, this myth was broken when tests were carried out on many individuals. It was confirmed that there was absolutely no connection between consumption of saturated fat and risk of heart ailments.
  • Great health can be achieved by consumption of abundant Omega6 rich fats – The content of Omega6 is higher in processed vegetable and seed oils that are generally used in cooking. With great consumption of these oils, the balance of Omega3 and Omega6 fats is getting disturbed. The result is that some positive effects of Omega3 fats are becoming redundant.

Some facts of fats

  • The body needs healthy fats for proper functioning – A healthy and balanced diet should definitely contain right quantities of fats. Good fats carry out various essential functions in the body like regulating hormone function, helping in growth and repair of tissues and helping in absorbing vital nutrients in the body. Essential fatty acids cannot be manufactured by the body, so they have to be taken from outside. Walnuts and flaxseeds are good sources of healthy fats and should be taken on regular basis.
  • Avoid trans-fats as they are bad fats – Trans fats should be avoided at all costs as they lead to incessant weight gain. This kind of fat is available in small amounts in some dairy and meat products. But they are mostly found in abundance in margarine, baked goods, fried food and various kinds of snacks.

Now that you have clear idea on the concept of fats, you can decide how much and what fat to take.