Did you hear? The Rumors Of Health

Rumors are the one thing that human beings must constantly try to avoid, it creates misunderstanding between people and unnecessary panic in some cases. Rumors are just people’s way of sounding smart, to seem like they know things just like crowd around them. Especially food related rumors, don’t believe everything you hear, here are a few health rumors that we are going to discredit.

The rumors of health
Gums are tough guns to digest:
People believe that gums, when swallowed cannot be digested and it takes 7 years for your stomach to process gum. Which is obviously a myth created by some parent, which stuck on, gum even though it can’t be digested, is removed from the body like any other substance in the body that isn’t digested.
Gray hair paradox:
People believe that plucking one gray hair would lead to an increase in their numbers. It’s not like the gray hair takes offense at being plucked and strikes back with more grayness, it’s purely genetic. When you pluck out a gray hair, by the time that hair grows back to its original length, another part of your head shows gray hair growth because that’s how your genes are programmed, not because they are taking revenge for plucking out their gray friend.
Cats make baby breathless:
This is the most horrendous rumor amongst parents and it’s not truth, the myth ages back to the older days when cats were considered to be evil spirits, that is how it got developed and it was never meant to be taken literally. Cats, in no way take the air out of your baby’s mouth by sealing the infant’s mouth with its own.
Go outside to play catch, you might catch a cold:
Another rumor is that, if you stay out for too long you might catch a cold, especially with wet hair, which I extremely ridiculous. Cold is caused by viruses, that is what it stands for, it is not caused by standing outside, in fact, it is more often cause by staying inside for too long, especially in winter, when everyone is home, there is more probability of the bacteria being transited.
The 5- second rule:
There is no time limit to how long food can wait on the floor without being infected. The germs around the food don’t go like, “Wait, it’s not 5 seconds, we can’t attack yet”. The moment the food touches the ground, bacteria’s do infect it and it eventually does go into your belly.
So these are some of The Rumors Of Health that, can you check off of your list. Gladly.

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