Excellent exercises for combating asthma

Asthma is one of the most common ailments from which millions of people in the world suffer. Sadly, the problem is found in kids as well as in adults. We all know that exercising is a great way of remaining healthy and keeping ailments at bay. But for people suffering from asthma, exercising and working out can be a great challenge. Doctors have opined that strenuous physical activities can make asthma symptoms worse. In fact, there are also people who suffer from exercise-induced asthma (asthma only while exercising and working out).

On the contrary, there are various exercises, which have proved to be highly effective in combating asthma. These help in keeping asthma under great control and let one lead a healthy and happy life. Some of the best exercises are as follows:

  • Simple strolls–Walking is one of the best exercises for people suffering from asthma. It also helps in keeping you in good shape. With regular walking, the lung capacity increases considerably. Just walk half an hour every day for 5 days in a week for best results. But here are few things you must consider. Make sure that you use the inhaler before going out. It is recommended to carry the same with you. Avoid bad weather days for walking. In the cold season wrap something over the mouth and nose so that the cold cannot trigger asthma attacks.
  • Diving in water–Exercising in water is great for asthma patients. Usually in and around swimming pools and other water bodies, the air is moist and warm. The respiratory tract remains in balance in such an environmental ambience, where there is no rush of cool air. The breathing tubes remain relaxed and do not constrict, causing breathing problems. Swimming few laps in the local swimming pool or indulging in water aerobics in the local gym is great for asthmatic patients. Swimming helps in exercising the whole body, including the respiratory system.
  • Indulging in games with short run or lesser strain –It is quite natural that asthmatic patients cannot indulge in games like football or basketball as these require constant movement, running and exercising. These games can trigger asthmatic attacks in the body. Refrain from these. Instead, try games which are less strenuous and involve lesser running. Short distance running challenges is good. If you feel shortness of breath, do not over strain yourself.

Along with these exercises, try some yoga poses like Cobra or Bridge as these help in strengthening the lung muscles and makes them flexible at the same time. Yoga breathing techniques also help in combating asthma in adults.

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