Sugar Can Heal Your Skin

We all love sugar! sugar is used in the tea and coffee, our lemonade or desserts. We find it almost impossible to resist, and then pay with a weight gain. But there is a way to get in your daily beauty regime is and great views! Yes, those tiny sugar crystals magic in it ! So go and take this sugar bowl in your kitchen and take your first step to a beautiful and radiant skin. Bcz Sugar Can Heal Your Skin.

Radiant skin: It’s be possible, you do not know of the fact that this white ingredient works wonders on almost all skin types. Simply mix a few teaspoons of sugar with olive oil and a few drops of lemon juice to a smooth paste. Apply it evenly on the face and leave for 15 minutes. Then scrub lightly with warm water.

Scrub:  sugar is a sweet and simple way to get rid of dead skin cells, which is makes the skin dull and lifeless . Mix two tablespoons of sugar with a teaspoon of warm coconut oil. Rub on the face and other areas & wash it with warm water.

Effect on Stretch mark: The marking Stretch: The common causes of stretch marks is weight loss and pregnancy. And nobody wants, of course. To make a smooth paste by mixing a quantity of sugar, coffee, almond oil and honey. Massage the affected areas. With daily use, you will soon be able to see a big difference.

Heal cracked lips: A common problem for chapped lips Winter Beauty. It is very difficult to soften the lips dry, rough and scaly. But with the sugar to your rescue, it is to get rid of as easy as soon! Simply mix a little sugar beet juice and keep the grainy consistency. Rub this mixture on the lips light and wash with the movements of the hot water. And now get rejuvenate,, soft pink lips!

Hydration of Skin: Dry skin and lifeless is one of the biggest problems of winter season. Make a smooth paste with sugar and sesame oil and add a few drops of eucalyptus oil for a calming effect. Contact this pack on face and neck, and leave for 10-15 minutes, then wash with warm water and end with a nice cream or moisturizing lotion.

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