Can I get you a beer?

a one glass beer

Beer is generally known to be a man’s drink. Not being sexist, but many women don’t prefer beer, to them it’s very bitter, and Vodka is considered as the drink for women. But what women and many people don’t know is that the beer has many benefits that other drinks don’t offer. Am sure, the men who drink beer on a daily basis don’t know the same, so here we are to educate you on some of the benefits of beer.

a one glass beer
The production of beer is called brewing. It involves the fermentation of starches, mainly derived from cereal grains, most commonly maltedbarley, although maize (corn), rice, and wheat are widely used.
Bone health:
The American Journal of Clinical health conducted a study which showed that the people who consume at least one or two beers a day have higher bone density than people who had less. The studies have shown that this is because of the high silicon content in the beer, which is most likely to increase the bone density in the body as silicon stimulates the bone-building cells.
A key to the healthy heart:
As the title reads, beer could also hold the secret to a healthy heart to some extent. Studies have shown that consuming beer helps increase the concentration of the desired HDL cholesterol in the body which prevents heart diseases. Also a study was done by an Israelite researcher that beer helps reduce fibrinogen, a protein that helps promote blood clotting, which in turn can lead to stroke or a heart attack.
Sustains brain function:
Even though studies have shown that excessive consumption of alcohol can lead to a decay in the brain function, but if the consumption is kept within moderate limits then the brain functioning is sustained. Beer also protects the blood vessels in the brain.
Better kidneys:
Have you heard anyone having wanted to go to the restroom after having a beer? That’s the benefit of beer, the high water content in the beer makes it a good agent against kidney stones and other kidney problems which are caused due to dehydration. Studies have shown that people who drink beer on a regular basis have 40 % less chance of suffering from any kidney diseases.
So grab a beer, and look at the positive side of having beer regularly. Enjoy one with your friends right now.