Shine Your Calcium Heads

Healthy Teeth

Here’s a riddle for you, I stand on top of 32 white hills, some thicker than the others, the base of the hills are not forests, but blood red terrain. Who am I? I don’t know what you’re thinking about. The answer is, I am a germ. The same germ that lives in your mouse and set up my house and live off the health of your teeth by dissolving them.
Some people desire to have white teeth, but to have that you need to have your whole teeth. Let’s assume you do have yourself a healthy set, how do you whiten them without any artificial products? That’s what we’re here to help you.

Healthy Teeth
Strawberry flavor your teeth:
We have different things that are strawberry flavored (wink!), it’s time to consume some strawberry, the fruit. Strawberries are said to have malic acid as well as Vitamin C. The astringent found in strawberries helps to remove the surface strain. Hence, you’ll get whiter teeth as well as strawberry scented breath, so it’s a win-win for you.
Baking soda and lemon:
Baking soda and lemon are said to one of the most effective and natural home remedies for whitening of teeth. The chemical reaction of baking soda with the citrus of lemon juice helps in whitening your teeth like no other substance, but don’t worry, we have more in stock for you if lemon irritated your enemies.
Have a crunchy bite:
Crunchy vegetables and fruits act like a natural toothbrush for you. Chewing them will help remove the excess of bacteria and food in your mouth that dissolves the teeth by the acid that they produce. Not only do the fruits take away the excess food and bacteria, but the acid on the skin of the fruits, especially apple, help in removing the surface strain that dull the color of your teeth.
Oil your teeth to brightness:
This is a very Indian way of handling the situation. It’s very simple and inexpensive. It involves just pure organic oil and some water. What you’re supposed to do is to rinse your mouth with oil and for around 10-15 min, then split it and rinse your mouth with water. This method is very effective and showed almost immediate action.
So here are a few ways by which you can glow every time you smile, after all a smile is what is most attractive about a person. So smile away