Turmeric Helps In Treating Depression – Study Reveals

how to treat depression at home

Take a look around and you will find innumerable people suffering from depression for various reasons. Depression is a psychological condition, which if not detected and treated at the right time can cause serious issues. People suffering from this ailment show clear symptoms and once that is noticed, immediate treatment is recommended. Higher levels of depression might lead to harmful addictions and suicidal tendencies. Majority of depression sufferers depend on various kinds of medications, which lead to harmful side effects.

how to treat depression at home

Study revealing how turmeric can help overcoming depression
The study that was carried out to understand if turmeric could cure depression was conducted at the Department of Pharmacology, Gujarat in India. The main subject of the study was comparing the effects of Prozac (a popular anti-depressant) and curcumin (the main component in turmeric) and understanding their effects on depression.

A test was carried out on 60 people suffering from Major Depressive Disorder (MDD). 20 people were treated with curcumin capsules of 500mg twice a day, while other 20 took Prozac tablets of 20mg as per routine and the last lot of 20 people took both these together.
The results that came from the test were amazing. It was found that curcumin had almost the same results as that of Prozac tablets in treating patients with MDD. Also, curcumin capsules had no side effects in patients as turmeric is completely natural. Prozac tablets have shown indications of suicidal ideation and many other kinds of psychotic disorders.
There is no doubt that this is one of the greatest revelations in medical science. We all knew that turmeric is good for skin, hair and overall health. But the amazing results that it shows in treating depression is simply great!

Treating depression the natural way sans side effects
Depression, though it is a psychological problem, becomes extremely taxing for the body if not treated at the right time, in the right manner. And the use of turmeric in dealing with depression has proved to be safe for the body. Curcumin of turmeric reach to the root of the problem of depression and cure it from there so that there are no chances of its revival. As a result, the patient gets cured completely without any side effects. Along with curing depression, curcumin also provides neuroprotection and immune support and contains anti-inflammatory properties.

Pharmaceutical drugs that are used in the treatment of depression just mask the signs and symptoms of depression without eliminating the problem from the roots. Moreover, the patient becomes dependent on these drugs for lifetime.